Best DotA 2 Betting Tips For New And Seasoned Bettors

All over the globe, esports betting is on the rise. And it looks like it won’t be slowing any time soon, especially the DotA 2 betting industry. Who doesn’t want to bet on one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, and earn money out of it? With that, here are the most effective betting tips for beginners and advanced bettors who want to enjoy the game and earn a profit:


Tip # 1 Start Your Bankroll

To start, you, of course, need the money. You need your betting foundation, and you need to start it with cryptocurrencies. Once you have a Bitcoin Wallet, Skrill, or Neteller, you can instantly start betting at Bitcoin betting sites. But don’t do that yet because you can go bankrupt in minutes. For safety precautions, set a budget or bankroll management plan and only bet on matches where you think you have more chances of winning. Extend your bankroll as long as possible and figure out a betting system on all your succeeding bets. After all, you can’t use the rest of our DotA 2 online betting tips anymore if you’ve ran out of money.

Tip # 2 – Be Selective

There are hundreds of matches in DotA 2. These can be major, minor, or premier matches. They could empty your bankroll, if you’re going to risk all your money on them. To avoid this, you must be selective. We highly advise you to be very careful about how many different esports there is to bet on, and how many different leagues or competitions to bet on. As much as possible, optimize  your selection process and choose your battles wisely. Only bet on the markets you’re knowledgeable about.

Tip # 3 – Watch Out For The Underdogs

When participating in DotA 2 betting, the favorite doesn’t always win. Upsets and odds shift could happen if the underdog finally found threats and weaknesses. They can defeat the favorite and surprise you. Moreover, these betting sites offer lower odds and payouts to sure-win teams and heavy favorites.

Tip # 4 – Try Some Betting Systems

If you want to follow a pattern as to not empty your bankroll, you can come up with your own betting system. You can set realistic goals and schedule your matches. With this, you need to take down notes and have a set betting limit for each match. Don’t chase after losses and winnings, focus on the present when participating in DotA 2 online betting.