Beyond The Summit Disqualifies PlusOne Due To Match Fixing

Beyond The Summit Disqualifies PlusOne Due To Match Fixing

The recent disqualification of Dota 2 Chinese team Newbee from the DPL-CDA Professional League due to match fixing remains the talk of the town for the entirety of the Dota 2 community, the betting circle, and even Dota 2 Bitcoin betting systems. But another headline coming from the North American region shocks the community. Beyond the Summit, the organizer of BTS Pro Series 2, announced the disqualification of Team Plus One’s mixed regional roster from the tournament due to the same offense.

BTS Pro Series 2 is Beyond the Summit’s latest dual online event featuring tournaments for both America and Southeast Asia. Halfway through the tournament, the organizer caught one of its participants match fixing. Beyond the Summit detailed their decision on Twitter after a thorough investigation:

“Team PlusOne has been removed from BTS Pro Series due to multiple, confirmed incidents of match fixing. All previous match results will be nullified. We have provided relevant information and evidence to Valve. PlusOne is currently banned from all future BTS tournaments. We are continuing to investigate all the incidents involving these players.”

There was a spike in match fixing incidents after the majority of live esports tournaments shifted to an online format. The recent incident in BTS Pro Series 2: Americas already confirmed that there are multiple instances of match fixing in the community.

The team involved, Team PlusOne, consists of players from the United States, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico. The team was guilty of match fixing, but Beyond the Summit continues to investigate the involvement of individual players. In the meantime, three of the five players are suspended from competing in all future Beyond The Summit tournaments. The other two are still allowed to compete while the investigation progresses. Here are the details of the suspension:

Carry: dnm (For investigation)
Mid: Ched (Suspended from all BTS tournaments)
Offlane: Jano (Suspended from all BTS tournaments)
Support: Wij (For investigation)
Hard Support: Xuan (Suspended from all BTS tournaments)

Team Plus One immediately received a score of 0-9 for the group stage. Beyond The Summit also removed them from the standings list and voided all previous matches against other teams. BTS Pro Series 2 continues with Evil Geniuses, Quincey Crew, CR4ZY, business associates, beastcoast, Thunder Predator, 4 Zoomers, Plasma, and Midas Club.