Esports Betting Guide For DotA 2 Bettors

Betting is definitely one of the oldest forms of gambling in existence. People, our ancestors, have been betting on the results of sporting events decades or centuries ago. But we’re now in a modern era, and a lot has changed. Traditional betting became online betting , and there are now esports betting sites, online casinos, […]

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Tips In Choosing The Best Esports Betting Sites

Choosing the best esports betting sites is a tricky business. One needs to study and analyze the bookmaker he’s going to pick to avoid future problems from arising. Betting and technical problems may always arise in the future, so it’s important to choose the best ones in the market that can address all these, while […]

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Latest Esports Predictions For Mainstream Matches

Making accurate or nearly accurate esports predictions is never easy, but you can ultimately come up with consistent wins if you’re updated with the latest happenings in the esports community, particularly in the most popular and major matches for mainstream esports: CSGO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and DotA 2. League of Legends The European Masters […]

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Tipsters, Tipping Sites, And Tipster Competition Promos

Esports betting is close to telling one’s fortune. You can’t do it without data and facts to observe with. That’s why betting on mainstream esports market like League of Legends, DotA 2, Overwatch, and CSGO requires you to analyze the teams competing, and look for their possible strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. If you want […]

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Best DotA 2 Betting Tips For New And Seasoned Bettors

All over the globe, esports betting is on the rise. And it looks like it won’t be slowing any time soon, especially the DotA 2 betting industry. Who doesn’t want to bet on one of the most popular MOBA games in the world, and earn money out of it? With that, here are the most […]

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DotA 2 Predictions For EPICENTER Moscow

DotA 2 betting is an exciting online gambling activity where you can earn money, build a community of gamers, and get rich. But you can only achieve this if you have a vast knowledge of the most important competitions coming your way. You can only make accurate DotA 2 predictions if you know about this […]

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