Betting on Dota 2

Watch the best Dota 2 teams battle it out and match it with the perks of Bitcoin betting to maximize the potential of esports. The continuously growing community reflects how esports is taking the world by storm, and betting on Dota 2 with Bitcoin does wonders for those who want to amplify the action on the many upcoming matches.

The once-Warcraft-based game grew to become one of the biggest multiplayer online battle arena video game after Valve developed and published its second incarnation, Dota 2. The experienced teams fighting for the number one spot is something every Dota 2 fan eagerly awaits. Of course, adding Bitcoin into the picture poses for more efficient and enjoyable online wagering.


The game

All Dota 2 matches involve two teams. Each team comprises of five players, with each one independently controlling a character, known as a hero. Both teams occupy and defend their own separate base on the map, and the goal of a team is to successfully destroy the “Ancient” of their opponent, which is located in the middle of a team’s opposing base. Of course, the game involves plenty of styles of play, collecting experience points, creating specific builds and items for a hero to successfully take down the opposing team’s heroes. These elements combined make for an exciting facet for betting and winning opportunities.

Betting on Dota 2 is no different to sports betting. If you are familiar with sports betting, you should know that Dota 2 betting follows a similar framework. You can bet on major and minor events happening around the world on the numerous Dota 2 betting sites. - Betting on DotA 2

Dota 2 bets

The easiest Dota 2 bet option is a match bet. Here, you simply have to pick the team you think will win the match or the tournament. Meanwhile, you can have a go at the Bitcoin Dota 2 odds to see the latest matches coming your way.

There are also other types of bets you can explore. Bet on the player that gets the most kills, least number of deaths, draws first blood, and more. You can also place live bets that let you wager after the match has started.

The range of options on Dota 2 gambling sites imparts noteworthy and rewarding experiences. If you want to go for something new, Bitcoin Dota 2 betting can fulfill your desires. Betting with bitcoins is geared to exceed anyone’s expectations.