Dota 2 Patch 7.26 Aims To Slow Down The Game

Dota 2 Patch 7.26 Aims To Slow Down The Game

Valve released Dota 2 patch 7.26, one of its shortest yet impactful game updates to date. Instead of the typical balance changes for heroes, items, elements, and abilities, the new patch has brought changes to the core gameplay.

Patch 7.26 introduces a few systematic changes that will serve as the groundwork for the next major Dota 2 updates. Here’s the complete list of core changes published on Valve’s official site:

  • This release is focused only on the following systemic changes. Once these changes settle a bit, there will be follow up hero and item-specific adjustments.
  • Attributes no longer provide Magic Resistance, Spell Amplification and Movement Speed for Strength, Intelligence and Agility respectively.
  • Gold bounties reduced by 10% (affects buildings, lane creeps, neutrals, and heroes)
  • Kill streak gold is reduced by 50%

Albeit short, players shouldn’t easily dismiss the new patch. 7.26 will heavily affect the speed of the game. It will shape a new Dota 2 with faster matches, greater rewards, and more aggressive gameplay. In fact, this alone changes the game’s meta and ultimately affect Bitcoin Dota 2 odds and future matchups.

Valve plans to release updates in small doses to help players familiarize themselves with the new gameplay. The kill streak gold which was reduced by 50% is going to affect farming heroes hard. For this reason, Valve emphasized that the small doses of changes will need to settle before they follow up on the hero and item-specific changes for the next updates.

The changes in the kill streak gold don’t have a direct connection to all the sub-25-minute games in pro play, but it would prolong some of the online games for this week onwards through mere net worth reduction. In addition, changes to the Attributes might affect INT and STR heroes negatively, but Valve will fix all errors and imbalanced features on the next updates. Besides, it will take some time for patch 7.26 to have an overall impact.

Valve has been hinting slowing down the game in its recent patch updates, the recent one being the Outlanders update. The huge patch update has several features that led to slower and longer games. Players have felt it on all phases of the game, particularly on kill streaks.