Dota 2 Tournament ‘Bazooka Battle’ Confirmed To Be A Scam

Dota 2 Tournament 'Bazooka Battle' Confirmed To Be A Scam

By shifting online, the esports community faced plenty of issues this year—match-fixing, bug exploitation, stream sniping. We thought that the worst was over, but news regarding a scam tournament with fake teams circulated this week. Bazooka Battle, a scam event featuring Southeast Asian and Chinese teams, has been exposed.

Scam tournaments are an easy way to make money when people are stuck in a global pandemic.  Online tournaments with no live LAN events required can easily deceive bettors looking for esports action at home. But if you’re a wise member of the community and if you want to place bets on only legitimate Dota 2 betting sites, scam tournaments like Bazooka Battle shouldn’t get hold of you.

A post made by Dota statistician Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen on his official Twitter account confirmed that the Bazooka Battle is indeed a scam:

“Heads up – looks like a scam event operating as “BAZOOKA BATTLE” – claiming to have players from Neon, 496 Gaming, Blaze, Ocean … and apparently Adroit are un-ceasing operations tomorrow to play in it (1xBET obviously doesn’t know it’s taking bets on a scam tournament)”

Following Noxville’s revelation and further confirming the allegations is a statement from Neon Esports, one of the teams mentioned as part of the tournament.

“Neon Esports is not participating in the event known as Bazooka CuP. The team that is calling themselves Neon in the event is an imposter. The accounts playing for that team are also imposters…The actions of this tournament organizer is inexcusable. It is greedy, selfish, and a clear theft of intellectual property. They have jeopardized the reputation of Neon Esports and more importantly the players. We will be investigating this matter very seriously,” said Robert Campbell, CEO of Neon Esports.

Other teams have yet to release a statement regarding the matter, and it is unlikely that Valve will investigate minor tournament scams like this. Only Neon Esports confirmed Noxville’s statement and the illegal acts of the scam tournament’s organizers.

Here’s the complete list of fake teams said to be competing in the Bazooka Battle:

  • Cignal Ultra
  • 496 Gaming
  • Neon Esports
  • Ocean
  • Vice Esports
  • Blaze
  • Galaxy Racer
  • Team Black
  • Adroit Esports
  • Execration