Esports Betting Guide For DotA 2 Bettors

Betting is definitely one of the oldest forms of gambling in existence. People, our ancestors, have been betting on the results of sporting events decades or centuries ago. But we’re now in a modern era, and a lot has changed. Traditional betting became online betting , and there are now esports betting sites, online casinos, cryptocurrencies, and bookmakers. One of the most popular markets today is esports betting on DotA 2. If you want to explore this world, and make money out of it, read on below for our esports betting guide.

Pick A Bookmaker

Since esports betting are now done online, you need a stable and reliable bookmaker to cater to your gambling needs, budget, and preferences.  There are hundreds of sites today that would fight for your attention, but the final decision is yours. Before you stake real money, make sure you already know the ins and outs and the products and services of the betting site. Research about the company’s background, betting markets, payment methods offered, customer service support, website navigation, and bonuses and promotions. To make your job easier, you can look for reliable Bitcoin sportsbook reviews.

Pick A Payment Method

We’re living in the digital age now, even this esports online betting guide is for digital natives. With that, it’s important to understand the different payment methods you can try for online betting. You can still use bank transfers, debit, and credit cards. But these options are primitive as cryptocurrencies exist now, thanks to the brilliant mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, the guy who started it all. You can use Bitcoin for betting and enjoy its many perks, including but not limited to anonymous betting, fast deposit and withdrawals, low transaction fees, and secure universal transactions.

Know Your Niche

Knowing your niche means knowing your esports tournament. This is the particular match or tournament you’re knowledgeable about. You can’t just bet on all the available tournaments in DotA 2, you’d go bankrupt. So we highly advise you to only pick the ones with stable market liquidity and competitive odds. These could be The International, Dreamhack events, and more. Only go after tournaments where you are sure to win.

Manage Your Bankroll

Once you’ve chosen the perfect payment method for you, the next step on our esports betting guide is to manage your bankroll. You need to allot a budget for every tournament you want to bet on, and make sure you follow it.