Lyralei’s Windranger Arcana Arrives At TI10 Battle Pass

Lyralei's Windranger Arcana Arrives At TI10 Battle Pass

Valve has released the final reward character for The International 10 Battle Pass. The Windranger Arcana bundle is now available in Dota 2, and it features a new hero model, cosmetic items, ability, and minimap icons, loadout pedestal, custom animations and effects, and exclusive VOs for Lyralei.

The Windranger Arcana reimagines the mysterious life and power of Lyralei, a ranged intelligence hero in Dota 2 that uses magical abilities on top of her physical attack to take down enemies. The bundle offers power-ups Lyralei players have never seen before.

“Not even Lyralei herself understood the true extent of her connection with the guardian wind. With no knowledge of her forebears, or memory of her first days, she could but listen for the truth in the whispers of sun-dappled trees around her, or the howling storms that keep even daylight at bay. But as she grew, and her strange connection with the guardian wind became ever stronger, an unease about her origins began to take hold,” Valve says on its blog post introducing the Arcana bundle.

Aside from cosmetic and game items, here are the exclusive abilities players can unlock from the bundle:

Fixed Focus – The Windranger can release multiple arrows with strong and steady momentum. Lyralei can fire unlimited arrows to unlock a new mystical item from the bundle: ‘Gush of the Wind’.

Gust Projection – The Windranger can wake the spirit of the forest to bring down enemies. When she kills an enemy with a concentrated shot, the projection of the Gust of the Wind is released. The Gust of the Wind functions as a replacement style, so players can turn it off when not needed.

Players can unleash Lyralei and the true power of the wind in the current Dota 2 International 10 Battle Pass until September 19. The Arcana bundle is available for players at level 575 and above.

With the release of the Windranger Arcana bundle, players can watch out for the launch of the Immortal Treasure III in the coming weeks—before the Battle Pass ends on September 19. Valve promised to release more updates at a later date.