Persona Announcer Pack Added To TI10 Battle Pass

Valve Adds New Persona, Announcer Pack To TI10 Battle Pass

The newly-released Dota 2’s Collector’s Cache Volume II did not disappoint. Players are delighted with all the new items the Dota 2 workshop has to offer. Celebrating its success, Valve released more item surprises pre-The International 10. The Toy Butcher Hero Persona for Pudge and Voice of The International Announcer Pack are now available.

“Feared amongst the fluff-stuffed denizens of the toy box, The Toy Butcher stalks the corners and shadows of the bin, always on the hunt for his next kill. Every toy knows that once the butcher gets his hook in you, your stuffing and your life are forfeit – like as not to be left strewn about the lanes as the plushy monster jaunts happily away from your lonely, ragged remains,” Valve said as it introduced The Toy Butcher in a press release.

Valve finally granted every Dota 2 player’s wish—to rain with new Battle Pass content and rare cosmetic items. In this item update, players can get their hands on Battle Pass Level exclusive skins and this year’s Voice of The International while the Collector’s Cache Volume II is live on the servers.

The Toy Butcher Persona is part of the official Dota 2 Battle Pass for The International 10. It’s not a standalone item, so players will have to work hard to unlock it on top of their Battle Pass packages. The Persona is only available for players who will successfully reach Battle Pass Level 255. Once unlocked, the Persona offers an all-new character model, exclusive animations, and a vocal performance.

The Voice of The International Announcer Pack, meanwhile, can be unlocked by players on their way to Battle Pass Level 255 and the Toy Butcher Persona. The Pack is available to all Battle Pass owners at level 75 and above. Once unlocked, it contains customized voices of default TI announcers and rare Mega-Kills Voices from Dota 2. These items can be added to the loadout window to share with teammates during a game.

The International 10’s Battle Pass expires on September 19, so Dota 2 players still have more time to unlock The Toy Butcher Persona, the Voice of The International Announcer Pack, and other special items from this year’s set.