PSG.LGD Wins China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1

PSG.LGD Wins China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1

PSG.LGD restored its former glory at the China Dota 2 Pro Cup Season 1. The legendary Chinese team with multiple Major titles to its name won the league by defeating EHOME 3-0 in the grand finals. If you’re one of the lucky Dota 2 Bitcoin betting enthusiasts that placed wagers on PSG.LGD, then you are surely enjoying this win.

PSG.LGD had an undefeated playoffs run when they entered the grand finals, courtesy of their new roster. The team went past several of China’s biggest professional teams, such as Royal Never Give Up, Invictus Gaming, and Vici Gaming.

Grand Finals Recap

The first game saw both teams testing the waters before engaging in battle. It was clear at this point, however, that PSG.LGD had a clear advantage with Faith_bian on the team. Faith_bian led the charge to pick up several kills and accomplish objectives in the first game. PSG.LGD started aggressively, dealing high damage with the help of Ame’s Riki and NothingToSay’s Zeus. EHOME’s players and heroes charged to their deaths.

Game two gave EHOME a time to recover. With a strong offlane combination via Beastmaster and Rubick, EHOME stood up to Ame’s Phantom Assassin and his weak support Visage out of the lane in the early rounds. EHOME secured an early lead with their last pick. However, PSG.LGD had a back-up plan. The team sent their carry to the jungle with the assistance of mid Magnus’ Empower. PSG.LGD overwhelmed EHOME with team fights brought together by support Faceless Void and a fast-recovering Ame with his endless kills. EHOME’s Alchemist gambit failed to keep up, allowing PSG.LGD to ultimately close out the second game.

PSG.LGD maintained their momentum in the third game. While EHOME held on to the reliable combination of Faceless Void and Skywrath Mage, PSG.LGD’s wise Pugna pick dulled the combo’s effectiveness. PSG.LGD won the laning stage without breaking a sweat and rendered EHOME helpless until the end of the series.

Champions PSG.LGD went home with a $40,000 prize money, while runner-up EHOME ended up with $15,000 for reaching the grand finals. This win further cements the name of the team in the industry and encourage betting on Dota 2 even more as they can offer better winning chances for even first-time players.

PSG.LGD Roster

  • Wang “Ame” Chunyu
  • Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang
  • Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida
  • Zhao “XinQ” Zixing
  • Zhang “ y`”Yiping (Captain)