If Lunarbets’ number one goal is to offer the best online Sportsbook there is, and this Bitcoin Dota 2 bet review serves to prove to you that they indeed offer the same thing we both wanted. It’s a website composed purely of sports, you’ll never stumble upon any poker tables or slot machines, so you can focus on your Lunarbets Dota 2 bet.

This Lunarbets review opens with the accessibility of the site, which you can do so through desktop or mobile phones, and they both work just the same—slick and seamless. Lunarbets will welcome you with their big tagline “Sports betting done right”, overlapping an image of a soccer field. The simplicity of the website and its navigation is enough to keep you coming back for more Lunarbets Dota 2 bets.

Games and Software

Their main niche is sports. You can bet on the following sports: athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, volleyball, boxing, cricket, cycling, esports, hockey, football, Formula 1, golf, MMA,  rugby, snooker, tennis, and more. Expect to encounter major leagues like NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL.

Of course, your Lunarbets Dota 2 bets are always there to charm you with their biggest odds, along with CSGO and Heroes of Storm.

You need to register with an e-mail address. But that shouldn’t stop you from placing your Lunarbets Dota 2 bet. Rest assured that creating an account is fast, simple, and secure. Lunarbets has two-step authentication and uses multi-signature wallets to protect all players. They are committed to protecting your personal information.

Bonuses and Promotions

Lunarbets is still working on the bonuses and promotions department because they want to give you the most beneficial offers. But they have two regular promo systems: Lunar Points and Refer-a-friend program. You can earn value-token or “Lunar Points” on their VIP program for every bet, then you can exchange these coins for free bets. On their refer-a-friend program, you can get 0.04 % commission every time you recommend the site to other users.

Payment Details

Lunarbets is a Bitcoin-exclusive site. You can enjoy the convenience free transactions can give you. There is no minimum or maximum deposit amount, but small amounts are processed faster than a large sum of bitcoins as it requires confirmations.

Customer Support and Contact Information

They have a live-chat system and e-mail address to answers all queries. The site can also accommodate questions on BitcoinTalk threads and Twitter. This Lunarbets review values the presence of a good customer support system, and we can confidently say that the representatives are more than willing to help players out with any concerns and questions.


Lunarbets is the master of sports betting. Being the jack of all trades is impressive if you don’t execute all your roles really well, anyway. If you’re really into sports and don’t mind not seeing poker tables and slot machines for a while, register on Lunarbets now.

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