Tips In Choosing The Best Esports Betting Sites

Choosing the best esports betting sites is a tricky business. One needs to study and analyze the bookmaker he’s going to pick to avoid future problems from arising. Betting and technical problems may always arise in the future, so it’s important to choose the best ones in the market that can address all these, while simultaneously satisfying your gambling needs and preferences. To do just that, here are the most effective tips in picking the best betting site in a pool of thousands:

Check The Countries And Regions Supported

Most of these esports online betting sites are trustworthy but still check if they cater to gamblers from your country, state, or region. Do not sign-up yet unless there is an information on the website or on online reviews that the site supports your area. This is highly advisable for UK and US players, among others. Also check if they accept international currencies aside from dollars if you’re not a US citizen.

Test The Website Security

The Internet is not entirely safe. The number of sites being hacked is rapidly increasing. In fact, according to Google, there is a 32 percent increase in the number of hacked websites in 2016 as compared to the previous years. With that, you need to find a betting site with tight security against outside attacks. Make sure they have a 2FA or multi-factor authentication to protect your account.

See The Available Payment Options

Among other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin still remains as the top payment method for convenience, low transaction fees, and fast deposit and withdrawal processes. Check if the sportsbook support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. But you can still look for esports betting sites that support fiat currencies through bank transfer, credit card, and debit card. Choose whichever you feel comfortable using.

Test The Customer Service Support

Contacting the customer service teams of these sites is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can check if their representatives are alert and responsive, and you can ask them a couple of questions before you commit. There are times that the information you’re looking for is not included on the site’s about me and contact pages.