Tipsters, Tipping Sites, And Tipster Competition Promos

Esports betting is close to telling one’s fortune. You can’t do it without data and facts to observe with. That’s why betting on mainstream esports market like League of Legends, DotA 2, Overwatch, and CSGO requires you to analyze the teams competing, and look for their possible strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. If you want to make things easier, we have a recommendation for you: seek the help of tipsters and join tipster competition promos!

Here are the ways to find the best tipping sites that could offer you reliable tipsters and generous tipster online competition promos:

Do Not Resort To Social Media Tipsters

The social media is a free platform, so people can easily exploit it, especially unreliable tipsters. Those people who claim that they make money from betting and they know some of the best-selling fixed matches are sketchy. They could be scammers and identity thieves for all we know. These people usually take advantage of beginners. Most of them resort to Affiliate marketing with bookmakers to refer you to a certain betting site. In return, you’ll only lose your money. So as much as possible, stay away from Tipsters who ream Facebook, Twitter, and even Reddit.

Look For Verified Tipsters

Verified tipsters and tipping sites are not hard to find. Some of these sites are big, and they can offer legit tipster competition promos to give you free bets, free skins, and other rewards. To look for them, see if they are verified by a third party regulator. Also, analyze the number of tipster they have and their winning and losing streaks when it comes to making predictions and giving tips.

Match Tipsters With Your Betting Behavior

Every bettor has his or her own betting style and preference. In choosing tipsters and tipping sites, you must check if they also follow the same market or niche you always bet on. It would be best if you would identify your main esports market (League of Legends, DotA 2, Overwatch, and CSGO) and find the best tipster who has a special focus on these markets.

Bet With Realistic Expectations

Tipsters are not fortune-tellers. Their insights and opinions are still driven by facts and data that they’ve gathered. So if you’re planning to seek help from them before betting, have realistic expectations. Don’t expect to have instant profit and winning streaks after gathering the insights of these tipsters. When you become an advanced bettor, that’s when you can level up your expectations. You can also join other tipster online competition promos to help other bettors.