Valve Announces Artifact 2.0’s Dota 2 Hero Reworks

Valve Announces Artifact 2.0's Dota 2 Hero Reworks

Valve is reportedly working on a new update for Artifact, a strategy board and card game that offers the most innovative gameplay in a third-party Dota 2 game. Artifact 2.0 will have its heroes reworked, so Valve voices out to the Dota 2 community to help them make the right choices.

One of the strongest selling points of Artifact was how well it transforms Dota 2 into a turn-based strategy card game. In fact, there were even talks of having a small selection of Bitcoin Dota odds that cater to the game variant. The three-lane system is a unique feature not available on any card game, and it’s a major factor in creating a deck strategically. However, Valve and other players still believe that there are still some missed opportunities in the gameplay.

Valve revealed the upcoming update for the Artifact network on Dota 2’s official website. The reason for the rework is the overwhelming number of players who always complain about the game’s signature cards, lack of abilities, and heroes. For this, Valve finally decided to go over some of these factors:

  • All heroes should have at least one ability.
  • You should be excited to draw a hero’s signature cards.
  • Signature cards should avoid being situational.
  • Signature cards should generally be at their best when their corresponding hero uses them.
  • Bonus if a hero has a small self-synergy.
  • It’s fine to have two abilities on a hero if at least one of them is passive.
  • It’s fine to have strong active and passive abilities on the board. They create interesting threats to play around.

Valve aims to make all heroes special in Artifact. Players already have favorites and hero picks in the actual Dota 2 gameplay, so maybe it’s time to put some heroes in the spotlight even if Artifact is just a third-party strategy card game. For now, Valve is currently reworking three basic hero cards—red Keefe the Bold, green Farvhan the Dreamer, and blue J’Muy the Wise.

The dev team gives every hero in Artifact at least one special ability. Players can have multiple cards with multiple skills once the update is up. As this feature is still in its experimental stages, the number of hero skills for multiple cards is capped at two for the time being. One special ability may become passive.