Valve Releases Anti-Mage Persona In The 2020 Battle Pass

Valve Releases Anti-Mage Persona In The 2020 Battle Pass

Valve updated the Dota 2 2020 International Battle Pass with new items, rewards, and features. The most notable and anticipated features on the list are the genderswapped and younger Persona for Anti-Mage, one of the fastest melee agility heroes in Dota 2. More than that, this is a steal considering the 2020 International Battle Pass was sold at a bargain price just a few weeks ago.

Wei, the Disciple’s Path Hero Persona for Anti-Mage, is a female hero that allows players to unlock a whole new version of Anti-Mage—someone younger than him who can carry on the lost traditions of the Turstarkuri, a group of magic-averse monks whose extinction drove the Anti-Mage to seek revenge against magic wielders. Wei, like Anti-Mage, also hates magic.

The disciple Wei was rescued by Anti-Mage at a young age. Through his mentorship, Wei studies and meditates to prepare for battles in the outside world. Her goal is to destroy the pillars of magic and the realms of all wizards. And with the help of our Dota 2 players, Wei begins her official training in the outside world.

Players who have reached Battle Pass Level 305 can claim the Disciple’s Path Hero Persona for free. They can redeem it with one of the level-up rewards and use it on Anti-Mage in their matches.

Wei comes with a new Hero Portrait, Topbar Portrait, and Minimap icon to help show Players that she is a different version of Anti-Mage. Wei also carries Anti-Mage’s official abilities, along with smaller additions in gameplay and graphics. She has completely new animations and over 900 Persona-exclusive voice lines. The only downside to this Persona, according to some players, is Wei’s lack of customizability. While some arcana skins in Dota 2 allow players to add cosmetic items to heroes and their Personas, this doesn’t apply to the most prestigious Anti-Mage skin yet.

Aside from Anti-Mage’s new Persona, low and high-ranking players can unlock the following Personas and Arcanas within the 2020 Battle Pass:

  • Pudge Persona – The Toy Butcher; Unlocks at Level 255
  • Wraith King Arcana – The One True King; Unlocks at Level 375
  • Queen of Pain Arcana – Eminence of Ristul; Unlocks at Level 445
  • Windranger Arcana – Compass of the Rising Gale; Unlocks at Level 575