Valve Releases The 2020 Battle Pass For As Low As $9.99

Valve Releases The 2020 Battle Pass For As Low As $9.99

Valve released the 2020 Battle Pass despite the cancellation of The International 10 this year. The tournament holds the title of one of the most popular events in the Dota 2 Bitcoin betting circle and esports in general. The limited-edition Dota 2 pass launched yesterday for as low as $9.99. 25% of the total sales will be part of TI10’s prize pool in 2021 or later this year.

In a blog post, Valve announced the release of the Battle Pass, as well as the new features they added to the 2020 edition. As for the biggest Dota 2 championship of the season, the organizer promised to make a decision as soon as possible:

“We will continue to monitor the global situation and will announce new dates when we can be confident in our ability to deliver a safe and uncompromised tournament for the players and fans. As always, 25% of all Battle Pass sales will go directly to the prize pool of this event.”

Like its previous versions, the new Battle Pass comes with a bundle of new cosmetic items, game modes, and community activities. Level 1 bundle sells for $9.99 and contains the basic game features. For upgraded versions, Level 50 and Level 100 bundles are also available for $29.35 and $44.99, respectively.

Here are some of the new and revamped features you wouldn’t want to miss:

New Features

Special Summer Event – Coming soon in the 2020 Battle Pass, Valve prepared an exclusive summer event where participants can play as a four-player team.

Battle Gauntlet – Players can submit their entry ticket to join regional challenges and earn points, Battle Tier upgrade, or gold.

The SideShop – Players can now recruit and sell heroes in the SideShop to earn rewards.

Bounty Killing – Bounty Tokens can be used as tickets to place bounties on enemy heroes.

Gifts of Giving – Players can now give up to five Battle Passes to friends.

Community Match Predictions – Valve will feature one community match where players can watch and vote on daily.

Revamped Features

Return of the Guilds – Valve brought back the Guilds after several years in hiatus. The game mode features exclusive challenges where the entire Dota 2 community can join. Daily challenges reward Guilds points.

Most Valuable Player – Valve will monitor all player performance from the release of the 2020 Battle Pass until further notice. Three players will earn the MVP award and two Honorable Mentions.

Wagering – The Wagering feature now has a streak system to allow players to monitor and back-up their wagers.