WeSave! Charity Play Surpasses $120,000 Stretch Goal

WeSave! Charity Play Surpasses $120,000 Stretch Goal

WeSave! Charity Play, the online charity tournament hosted by WePlay!, reaches two of its stretch goals. It only took three days for the numbers to surpass its original goal of $120,000, thanks to the efforts and contributions of the six participating regions and other anonymous donors.

The first tournament, which had a prize pool of $120,000, was allowed by WePlay! to raise an additional $30,000 to hit the $150,000 mark and open more tournaments. Days after the announcement of the charity event, generous donors shocked everyone and hit WeSave!’s first milestone.

Reaching the first stretch goal means that WeSave! will open additional tournaments between the winners of the European and CIS regions. Team Liquid and Nigma from Europe; and Natus Vincere and HellRaisers from CIS are the finalists.

The second stretch goal, following the new matches for Europe and CIS, was hit hours after the first tournament. For this, WePlay! added a 3v3 All-Star match-up among North American players. WePlay! has yet to announce the rosters, but top NA talents like Arteezy and Fear are expected to attend.

At press time, WeSave! accumulated $180,000 in total donations. If the total hits the $200,000 mark, the next event will be opened. The distributed prize pool and the remaining donations from merchandise sales will be given to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), an organization focused on COVID-19 research.

To track where the donations go and the stretch goals set by WePlay!, here’s the complete list of charity events under WeSave! when the event hit the $200,000 mark:

-24 teams from 6 regions
-The $120,000 prize pool, now $150,000, will be split into $20,000 per attending region

-EU vs CIS Final
-Matches for the winners of the two regions

-v3 NA All-Star Match
-All-Star teams from North America will be split into two teams to faceoff in a 3v3 match

-EU and CIS Super Finals
-Finals format: BO5

-WePlay! Premium for all WeSavers
-All WeSavers will get WePlay! Premium access for 3 months