What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an intriguing medium for Dota 2 betting, but many are still unaware of its features. Therefore, answering the What is Bitcoin questions should always be first priority for those who want to try it out. Currently, Bitcoin is a pinnacle in the online betting industry thanks to its unique payment advantages.

The decentralized currency was first made public in 2009 under a pseudonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. With the goal to create a one-of-a-kind payment gateway that eliminates the usual hindrances of traditional payments, Bitcoin was born.

Among the many uses of Bitcoin, one of its many distinguishing is that it can only be traded and exchanged online. If you think that this limits the digital currency, it does not. While Bitcoin does not have a tangible form, it doe make use of state-of-the-art technology where transactions occur directly from the sender and the receiver. All of this is possible with the help of the Bitcoin network. Having a decentralized system means faster transactions and the open-source software employed by Bitcoin means that no governing body or financial institution can control Bitcoin.

Behind the scenes of Bitcoin

To fully understand what makes Bitcoin a top choice among online bettors, you have to completely grasp what is Bitcoin along with its defining features such as the different Bitcoin betting exchange sites, buying bitcoins, and storing bitcoins.

The Bitcoin network works as a program that provides users a digital storage unit called a wallet. Others also offer storage systems for digital coins, which comes in different forms like hardware wallets, software wallets, web-based wallets, and mobile wallets. All of these allow users to manage their accounts, send, and receive bitcoins.

Working behind the scenes is a shared ledger known as the blockchain. This stores all Bitcoin transactions that have transpired, including the very first transaction performed. The blockchain allows the user’s computer to monitor and verify transactions. Anyone can help facilitate transactions, and in return, those who do receive a specific amount of bitcoins in exchange. This process is called Bitcoin mining and is one of the ways to get your own bitcoins.

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The advantages of Bitcoin

Now that you have an idea of what is Bitcoin, the next undertaking involves you knowing why Bitcoin Dota 2 betting is a match made in heaven. Here are some of the outstanding benefits Bitcoin can bring:

  • Anonymity – All Bitcoin users have the option to remain anonymous. This keeps registration times quick and all sensitive information away from any harm.
  • Transaction times – Bitcoin transactions are almost instant. Regardless of your location, Bitcoin guarantees quick deposits and withdrawals at all times.
  • Low cost – There’s no need for users to pay costly fees when sending payments. Hence, you get the most out of your crypto coins.

Learn how to buy bitcoins, how to sell bitcoins, and how to store bitcoins the right way. To enjoy Dota 2 betting to its fullest, be sure to have our guides by your side. Check out our Bitcoin Dota 2 bet review page for a list of reliable and quality esports betting sites.